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The Quakers played very well for the first half and it promised to be a tight contest, see video of heads up play by Matt Townsend; but the size and speed of the Port Chester squad proved to be too much and the Rams won 79-47. Austen Vernon was sidelined with a wrist injury, which hurt the team; but did I mention the SIZE and SPEED of Port Chester? Congratulations to the Rams.

In what was quite possibly the greenest basketball game ever played, Greeley beat Somers by 16 points. Greenest, you ask? As in virtually no energy created, consumed or expended. The Tuskers were earnest and De Bellis had a nice shot, but the gym and the game were both small.
Matt Townsend had about 3,000 blocked shots and CJ did score 18 points, but the pace was glacial and the usually excitement was noticeably absent. The few sparks came from Dan Rifkin who scored early and added two more with a quick basket- see video; Sam Fuhrer who brought speed and athleticism and Drew Klein and Zach Galergun who both played tough defense. Perhaps the energy conservation was planned for the rematch on Wed against Brewster? Game time is 6:15 at Greeley.

Last Friday, the Quakers lost to the Bobcats of Byram Hills. Led by the talented no. 33, Byram Hills was able to maintain a fast-paced, crisp-pass, tight-D game. The final score was 66 – 57.
Matt Townsend returned to play late in the game, due to foul trouble, and he exhibited tenacious drive both on offense and defense. His second and third efforts to control or regain the ball were Herculean. (see video) At one point, Greeley pulled within 7 points, after trailing by over 20; but they couldn’t maintain the momentum. Tremendous effort and an unwillingness to concede were displayed by Austen Vernon, who continued to challenge the defense by driving to the hoop right up to the final seconds.


The Greeley student attendance was initially a pleasant surprise as they arrived en-mass to support their team at an away game. All pleasantries evaporated when a cluster of students confirmed the rumors that they are indeed surly, unsophisticated bullies who lack class, good judgment and the ability to enjoy a sporting event like gentlemen. Their behavior and the volume of their vitriol were both an embarrassment and a shame. Their post game misdeeds will likely cause administrative action that will have a negative impact on the majority of fans who understand the difference between supporting their own team and insulting the opponent.
Fan ire and resentment is best directed at those few who instigated the response, not at those whose responsibility it is to formulate a response. 
Greeley Varsity lost to the Lakeland Hornets 67-50 at Lakeland on Friday, Feb. 8, 2008. The usual energy and synergy was missing and despite efforts from the core of Vernon, Townsend, Honig, Fears and Brophy, there wasn't enough to keep it close. The upside of the afternoon was a glimpse of the future of the Greeley basketball program when sophomore Billy Sadik-khan, who was recently called-up from JV, came into the game. Teamed with Vernon, he scored off the no look pass. Teamed with Abrams, who stole the ball on the press and dumped it to him inside, he scored; and after scoring from the outside he got a pat on the back from the wily-old veteran, freshman Matt Townsend.
The other healthy juniors, Rifkin and Okun, came in and scored easily which also bodes well for the future. Juniors Fuhrer and Klein are out with ankle injuries, but both are expected to have full recoveries.
Playoff schedules will be determined this weekend and information will be posted.
Zach Galergun had 14 points, eight rebounds, four assists (See multiple videos) and led his determined senior teammates, Austen Vernon (see video) and Drew Karr (see video) to a defeat of visiting John Jay on Wed. Feb 6, 2008. The game was dedicated to the senior players. Their efforts, and the support of their folks was recognized at a brief half time ceremony. Congratulations!
These fine young gentlemen have worked hard within the Greeley basketball program for four years, attending practices, preseason workouts and summer tournaments. Their dedication was evident last night as each proved to be a force both on offensive and defense.
Vernon drove to the hoop and hit two clutch free throws. Karr had two incredible break-away steals and Zach was a force in the lane with his pull up jumper and intense defense.
Another senior, Katie Honig, also had another outstanding performance as she sang the Star Spangled Banner- a cappella-at the game. Her moving and melodic rendition of the National Anthem was always a crowd pleaser. Thank you, Katie!
Congratulations and all the best to each of you in the future. 


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